SuperHack 2017

- An engineering challenge to build a better world and promote equality - 

2nd & 3rd of December

333 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000

The Issue

Only 14% of the Australian Engineering Workforce consists of women. This shockingly low statistic is something we at MUEEC and Robogals intend to change. That is why this December we will encourage young women to take an interest in engineering with a two day long engineering-fest: a hackathon.

THe Challenge

On the 2nd and 3rd of December at a brand new venue on the ground floor of 333 Exhibition Street, 20 teams of 3-5 girls in years 10 and 11 will compete to solve real world engineering challenges.

THe superheroes

With a superhero theme and supervision by University of Melbourne staff, each team will represent their school and have the chance to bring home awesome prizes, as well as cashing in on free giveaways.


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The gender diversity issue

Women are a notoriously underrepresented group in almost all divisions of Engineering. There is no doubt that the Engineering Industry can tangibly benefit from an increase in gender diversity. A varied workforce promotes team dynamics conducive for better problem solving, leads to better overall business management, and reflects today’s increasingly differentiated customer base. Today, on a Global scale the entire Industry is recognising the importance of gender diversity and more companies are creating initiatives to hire women. It really is an exciting time to be a young woman choosing the engineering pathway, there are more opportunities now than ever.





Day 1

2nd of December

Welcome Ceremony & Introduction

Tech Talk: Engineering and IoT

Morning Tea Break

Technical Skills Mentoring Session 1

Lunch Break

Technical Skills Mentoring Session 2


 Day 2

3rd of December

Introduction to Industry Problem Design Challenge

Tech Talk: Case Competition Skills

Morning Tea Break

Problem Solving Time and Presentation Creation

Lunch Break

Problem Solving Time and Presentation Creation

Team Presentations to Judging Panel

Winner Announced & Closing Ceremony


OUr Team


The Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club (MUEEC) was established to bridge the divide between academics and practical experience by fostering professional skills development.

We aim to enrich our members’ time at the University of Melbourne and assist them in becoming capable individuals ready to enter the workforce.


Robogals is made possible by our amazing volunteers from universities and young professionals of all genders. Chapters run engineering and technology workshops free-of-charge in their local communities, focusing on encouraging girls from primary to secondary school to explore an interest, as well as cultivate self-confidence, in area such as robotics, engineering and technology.


The Melbourne University Computing & Information Systems Students Association (CISSA) is a student club for University of Melbourne students who are either studying Computer Science, Software Engineering or Information Systems, or just generally have an interest in programming or Information Technology. We hold social events and industry talks regularly; we also offer discounted resources to assist students with their studies and promote education about current and upcoming technology,


Why a hackathon?

To teach young girls the core concepts behind engineering. Many young people don’t even know what engineering is and young girls might be put off by it being abstract and gendered. We want it to feel relatable and show how engineering can be used to help people with a fun, social, real-world challenge demonstrating all the things that represent what engineering should be.

While the challenge itself will change from year to year, this central theme of teaching young girls how engineering can be used to innovate, help others, and change the world remains.

Why is it called SuperHack? Because the Hackathon is themed around superheroes!

Why is the Hackathon themed around Superheroes? Because engineers help people and change the world. Isn't that what superheroes do?